November 20, 2008

Finding Peace Within

Finding Peace Within

Sit back, relax...(put on your headphones if you like)...let the music take you on a tranquil journey to a place where you feel your inner spark of peace, harmony, joy and gladness rekindle itself. Realizing that we all have an innate ability to find our own peace; for our own unique lives; through meditation, prayer, and direct and personal communication with our Creator, our Loving God; this is an attempt to create an aid for people seeking to find that inner place of peace.

You will hear mistakes in these pieces; but, hey, mistakes are part of real life too, right? And, some of the samples here might have some playback quirks; but, once again, so does life! Hopefully, the message of peace will work its way through whatever other distractions might be in the music trying to block it; again, just as we often experience in real life! Listen carefully and intently for best results!

~God bless all!~

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w1z11 said...

Doesn't euphonious remind you of an attachment